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Roleplay example

Post  Lilly Flint on Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:28 am

Helloo my dear roleplayers.. I will give yuo an example of a short roleplay.
Basicly you will remeber a game you used to do when you were little. writing down a sentence and create a story.. Well this kind of works the same way altho you're now making short chapters from the point of vieuw of your charachter(s).
For example:

Lilly flint walked trough the hallways of hogwarts, her green eyes gazed trough the groups of students passing her by. She ran a hand trough her blonde hair casually as she entered the greathall. She quickly walked over to the slytherin table to find her causin Marcus Flint sitting there. " Morning"she said and streched out.

Marcus groaned something like " morning"back to her. He still wasn't happy she had managed to get the quidditch captain position instead of him. But on the other hand .. It was a good thing that it stayed within the familly.


You can make your posts as long as possible if you want, more detailed or less.. Some people might ask you not to use one liners like : Lilly sighed and said "goodmorning" .
And that would be a wholke post.
Try to make it a bit more detailed unless it's asked of you,

You can also close your rp to someone. in this case you will make the titel like this:

"insert titel here" ( genre's/ Closed to "insert username")

Besides that I hope you have a lot of fun. for further quiestion's you can always send me a message or one of the other mods/ admin's.
Or ask your question in the question topic wich is located in hogwarts hallway's.
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